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Vision: To live in a world where everyone has access and opportunity to experience the health benefits of the expressive arts.


Mission: ​To facilitate engagement in the expressive arts for purposes of promoting community health and healing.


Background: There is scientific evidence about the holistic health benefits of engagement with the arts. 


Expressive Arts Facilitation: A therapeutic and wellness-promoting practice that "combines visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing, and other creative processes to foster deep personal growth and community development" (IEATA, 2019).

Values: Layer by Layer Artwork, Inc. values inclusive, accessible, affordable, and sustainable expressive arts\ programming that serves the needs of all community members who wish to participate.


Action: The organization seeks to partner with interested individuals, diverse groups, healthcare professionals, and area business partners to advance community engagement with the expressive arts.  

Submit all inquiries to: info@lblartwork.com


Expressive Arts Facilitation

Health Promotion Consultation

Collaboration & Partnerships


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Layer by Layer Artwork, Inc.

A small business that seeks to promote population-based health and healing through the facilitation of expressive arts.


Expressive arts facilitation: I offer one-to-one, small group, and community based facilitation services. Please send inquiries to info@lblartwork.com

Health promotion consulting: Any expressive arts facilitation session may include, for clients who desire, specific nursing services like home and/or personal health safety assessments; assistance with personal hygiene; non-pharmacological comfort care; restorative care for improved function of body, mind, and/or spirit; and health education. Please send inquiries to info@lblartwork.com


Collaboration & Partnerships: I am seeking to partner with local organizations in Portland, OR to bring expressive arts facilitation services to businesses to promote employee, student, and client health, team-building, special events, and the showcasing of community art projects. Please send inquiries to info@lblartwork.com

Commissioned art projects: I offer commissioned pet portraits, layered works, and/or other related arts projects. Fee for this service varies dependent upon the nature and size of the art project requested. Please send inquiries to info@lblartwork.com


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Please note:

All proceeds from commissioned projects are used to support in-kind and/or subsidized expressive arts programming for older adults & underserved communities.  Use the donate button below for these purchases and/or other monetary donations to support this cause.



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