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Updated: Oct 27, 2019

My name is Laura Mood. Thank you for exploring my page. About me: By day, part-time, I am a PhD-prepared operating room nurse. The remainder of my working hours are dedicated to Layer by Layer Artwork Inc., a small business that I own which seeks to promote healthy communities and healing through the facilitation of expressive arts. I am a humanitarian and health equity advocate, and I have started this business to make a positive difference in the lives of members of my community, but specifically for persons who are underserved by current social systems. Goal: I have experienced the health benefits of expressive art, and my goal is to ensure others have access and opportunity to such as well. I use art at times to express what it is that I cannot easily articulate about the human condition and things I observe in nature. I am an experimentalist. I have no desire to become something else. I enjoy the process of creating art without expectation. My artwork: As a wanderer, my own art portfolio is quite diverse. I am drawn to many, many subjects and questions in life. The majority of my work is reflective of abstract layered experiments composed of various materials or acrylic or watercolor paintings of primarily natural settings, animal portraits, and/or disruptive scenes of some kind intended to pose critical questions. Art is my joy, journal, and a medium through which is helpful for me to communicate. All of my art experiments are created spontaneously, on my own time, at my own will, using whatever medium, and materials are available to me at the time I am inspired. My color selections are dependent upon what I'm feeling as I am creating. My gallery is representative of all that escaped my being through my personal process of creative exploration in a specific moment in time. Every piece is an original. My Professional Experience: I have been a practicing nurse for 24 years, and I spent spent 10 of the last years, teaching prospective health professionals using various art-informed methods. It is my present goal now to extend my nursing practice, fusing new knowledge and a practice of expressive arts facilitation together with my extensive experience as a nurse and educator. About expressive arts facilitation: It is a practice of using prompts or instructional suggestions, various art mediums, playfulness, and imagination to promote personal growth, community development, and holistic health; that is, wellness and/or healing in the bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of being human. In arts facilitation, various mediums are used as a platform for expression and the storytelling of individual experience rather than for any specific aesthetic outcome - though this may be an unintentional consequence of such. In other words, it means doing art (in whatever form one desires), for the sake of the experience, or simply exploring one's own imagination and the creative process without judgment. Importantly, engaging in expressive arts via facilitation does not require any particular prior experiences, credentials, or skill on the part of participants, just an openness to exploration and discovery, as we are all artists of our own humanity.
"Restless wanderers, distinguished by their steady light, never twinkle or scintillate, except near the horizon." - L. Mood
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