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Inside beauty

Just posted my latest piece in the gallery. It's called inside beauty. I used old papers, bark from a paperbark maple tree, tissue paper, as well as acrylic paints to create this work. This was a fun project, because I really didn't know how I would use the bark when I was collecting it. After creating layers with various papers and book pages, I painted over them. In the brush strokes, the outline of three flowers emerged. Thinking about where to go from there, I took a moment to glance out my kitchen window. In doing so, I saw a simple flower box sitting on the sill there in front of me. It was then that I was inspired to use the bark to create the flower box for Inside Beauty. I particularly appreciate doing mixed media, because it's always an experiment and the end is unknown until it arrives. I picked up some pinecones from the ground the other day for my next project. Until then . . . enjoy!

Mixed media; acrylic paints
Inside beauty

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